Unturned is my city

Water Bottle

Unturned is my city
Unturned is my city
Unturned is my city

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Unturned is my city

Water Bottle

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Practical water bottle made of aluminum to carry on the go. Comes with an extra fastener and spring hook, 600ml, 73mm wide

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Product Details

Your personal water dispenser for any adventure. Wherever you need that vital drink of water or any other liquid, this handy bottle will be there to quench your thirst. Use the spring clip to attach it to clothing or backpack.
  • Two ways of fastening: Suction cap mount to take the lid swiftly off and back on again, and screw-cap with connection for hand strap
  • Spring-loaded clip for easy attachment
  • Holding capacity: 600ml
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Not suitable for fizzy drinks
  • Not suitable for white designs/design elements
Please note: Depending on the supplier, you may receive different caps with identical product

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Unturned is my city

Unturned is my city

Are you a true Unturned fan and want to show that Unturned is your city? Så du bør definitivt vurdere å kjøpe et produkt med dette design på det.

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