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Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)

Beer Mug

Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)

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Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)

Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)

Beer Mug

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Beer mug, made with ceramics, holds 500ml. Brand: Schulze

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Cheers and bottoms up! This classic beer mug lets you enjoy a pint of good stuff even more: take some Oktoberfest atmosphere home, and enjoy your lagers and ales!
  • Dishwasher-resistant
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Holding capacity: 500ml
  • Material: Ceramic
Tip: Hand-washing makes the print last even longer

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Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik) - Full

Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik) - Full

The word beatnik formed by the elementsBerylium, Astatine,Nickel and Kalium from the periodic table. The beat goes on! Color can be changed. There is room to add some poetry of your own.

Tags: Element Periodic Table astatine beatnik beryllium chemistry geek kalium nerd nickel