Be-B-O-P (bebop)

Baby Organic Bib

Be-B-O-P (bebop)
Be-B-O-P (bebop)

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Be-B-O-P (bebop)
Be-B-O-P (bebop)

Be-B-O-P (bebop)

Baby Organic Bib

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Soft bib for babies, 100% cotton, Brand: Continental Clothing

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Catching the yummy stuff. When little guys and gals drop a mouthful, this bib will protect the clothes from staining. Part of the EarthPositive Collection by Continental Clothing, it’s made of organic material that stems from fair production.
  • Produced by means of renewable energy sources such as wind & solar
  • Rugged quality 200g/m²
  • Material: 100% cotton from organic production

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Be-B-O-P (bebop) - Full

Be-B-O-P (bebop) - Full

Take it easy cowboy, it's only jazz! The word bebop consisting of 4 elements from the periodic table (Berylium, Boron, Oxygen and Phosphorus).Color can be changed. There is room for additional text.

Tags: Element Periodic Table bebop beryllium boron chemistry geek nerd oxygen phosphorus