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Br-O-Th-Er (brother)

Baby Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Br-O-Th-Er (brother)
Br-O-Th-Er (brother)
Br-O-Th-Er (brother)

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Br-O-Th-Er (brother)
Br-O-Th-Er (brother)
Br-O-Th-Er (brother)

Br-O-Th-Er (brother)

Baby Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Soft long sleeve t-shirt for babies with buttons on the collar, 200 g/m², 100% cotton, brand: Babybugz

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Only the best for babies: This longsleeve shirt has been transparently and fairly produced with pure organic fabrics. It’s the perfect top for any situation where a T-shirt is too light and a sweater too heavy.
  • Brand: BabyBugz
  • Scoop neck with nickle-free snap fasteners to quickly change and dress the baby
  • Rugged quality Consistency: 200g/m²
  • Fabrics: 100% cotton

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Br-O-Th-Er (brother) - Full

Br-O-Th-Er (brother) - Full

The word brother created from 4 elements of the periodic table (Bromine, Oxygen, Thorium and Erbium). Whether family, universal, big or from another mother, bro's are everywhere! Color can be changed. There is room to add custom text.

Tags: Element Periodic Table bromine brother chemistry erbium geek nerd oxygen thorium