Long sleeve shirts

Al-Ge-B-Ra (algebra)
Ar-Se-N-Al ()
Bacon for President (you can change text)
Ba-Na-Na-S (bananas)
Ba-Se-Li-Ne (baseline)
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik)
Be-B-O-P (bebop)
Be-S-Ti-Es (besties)
Bi-N-Ar-Y (binary)
B-I-O-S (bios)
B-O-O-K (book)
Br-O-Th-Er (brother)
C-He-F (chef)
Co-O-P-Er (Cooper)
Don't Panic
Ge-Ni-U-S (genius)
H-Er-B-S (herbs)
The building blocks of Sc-I-E-N-C-E (science)
Science Bitch
S-C-I-E-N-T-I-S-T (scientist)
My mother had me tested (eleMental)
Te-S-Te-D (tested)
V-I-Rg-O (virgo)
V-I-Rg-In (virgin)
V-O-Te (vote)
Ah, the Element of Surprise
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