Pop Culture

Bromine and Barium
Bad Break (eleMental Spoof)
Baking Bread
Breaking Dad
Science Bitch
Be-S-Ti-Es (besties) - Full
Co-O-P-Er (cooper) - Full
S-Ar-Ca-Sm (sarcasm)
My mother had me tested (eleMental)
Bacon for President (you can change text)
Ba-Na-Na (banana) - Full
Ba-Na-Na-S (bananas) - Full
B-O-S-S (boss)
Don't Panic
D-U-F-F (duff)
I am ION man
K-B-O (kbo) - Full
Po-P Po-P (pop pop)
P-O-W-N (pown) - Full
S-U-P-Er H-Er-O (super hero)
Tities and Beer are all that can distract me from science.
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