Periodic Table - Small (v4)
Periodic Table - Small (v3)
Periodic Table - Full (v2)
Alcoholic content
Al-Ge-B-Ra (algebra) - Full
Ambition is creativity
Ambitious little bastard
Ar-Se-N-Al () - Full
ASSume nothing
At-He-I-Sm (atheism)
Au-Ra (aura) - Full
Au-Ti-Sm (autism) - Full
Ba-As (baas) - Full
Babe hunter
Babes dig science
Babies on demand.
Bacon for President (you can change text)
B-Ag (bag) - Full
Ba-Na-Na (banana) - Full
Ba-Na-Na-S (bananas) - Full
Ba-Nd (band) - Full
Raise the bar
Bare with me
B-Ar-Fl-Y (barfly) - Full
Ba-Se-Li-Ne (baseline) - Full
Ba-Si-C (basic) - Full
Ba-Si-S (basis) - Full
Bass junkie.
Ba-Tc-H (batch) - Full
Bear with me
Be-At (beat) - Full
Be-At (beat) - Full
Be-At-Ni-K (beatnik) - Full
Be-At-S (beats) - Full
Be-B-O-P (bebop) - Full
Be-S-Ti-Es (besties) - Full
Be-Ta (beta) - Full
B-F-F (bff) - Full
Bi-Er (bier)
Bi-N-Ar-Y (binary) - Full
B-I-O (bio) - Full
Bi-O-Ni-C (bionic) - Full
B-I-O-S (bios) - Full
Bi-O-S (bios) - Full
Bi-Tc-H () - Full
B-Lu-Es (blues) - Full
Boobies (made you look!)
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