Team Red - Valor
Team Blue - Mystic
Team Yellow - Instinct
Team Rot - Wagemut
Team Blau - Weisheit
Team Gelb - Intuition
Save The Kingdom 1983
Rise And Shine
War Never Changes - Digital
Ruined By Zombies
Zombies Eat Brains
Notice Me Senpai
Survivor Of The TV
My Waifu Loves Me
Endure And Survive
Do A Barrel Roll
In Love With Pixels
Melting Controllers
...In Another Castle - B/W
YSHDT - Happy Mask
Nothing Is True... - White
Nothing Is True... - Black
Reminiscence P&M
Reminiscence D&K
Requiescat In Pace
Triforce - I AM ERROR
Monocle Hipster Baboon
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