About SoundDesigners

SoundDesigners was born in Lisbon to bring an alternative musical perspective on DeepHouse, House, TechHouse, Dubtechno and more. Its concept derives from the distinct and unique musical design traces of each artist, like signatures to be. In SoundDesigners there’s freedom to express, share thoughts and experiences, in order to build a flux of ideas, ideals, that we want to become true. We want to create an artist’s collective space where freedom to create, to be creative, is a must. SD is a project to Promote/Manage/Label. Our spirit goes through the process of invention and reinvention. Processes that accompany us on the day to day and that we want to express in the must richest form possible. We apply this philosophy in all fields from the administrative to the artist. All information is … … everything is life… and we grow in the middle. Welcome to SoundDesigners!