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Team DeKay
Love me - sexy and kinky Billionaire
Team Bomer
Darker Shamrock
Spector Gibson Obsession
J'aime Jamie
Love Leia (Star Wars)
White Collar - Clever TV Series
Team 50
Neal / Peter / Mozzie (White Collar)
Always Gossip Girl
Outlaw Queen forever
OUAT - Regina & Robin
Peter & Neal
Neal & Sara
Paul Spector Quote
No Castle without Beckett
Jamie (Dornan)
Bomerbabes can't keep calm
Fifty Shades - Not a Hearts & Flowers Girl
Don't flirt with my book boyfriend
Charlie Tango
Save Spector
Modest Girl (50 Shades)
Mrs Cavill
Life is better with Bomer
Fuck Feelings
Team Delena
My ♥ belongs to Vampires
Heaven is crying (Prince)
Irish God (JD)
Books - My Real Love
It depends on your BASS factor
Spector's Victim
Proud Meesterholic
Mrs Spector
Be my Castle
Team Joey
Writer - Passion meets Obsession
Oncers believe in fairytales
What would Spector do?
I heart Men with Beard - Jamie Dornan
The Fall - Embrace the Darkness with Mr. Spector
Team Dallas
Caskett - Love is not a Crime
White Collar - Love is the ultimate Con
Au Revoir, Neal
Bad Golfer? SEXY Golfer!
Waiting for Sheriff Graham bringing me Donuts
Ugly Love - Don't ask about my past...
I just need "White Collar" back
Slow Moving Millie Supporter
Bring back the Warehouse
Snow needs her Charming
In Love with my Book Boyfriend
Evil Queen stole my heart
Crazy Bitch
I'm your Partner in Crime
Leighton Lover
Three words, Eight letters...
I smell fudge
Ewing Support
A Fairy Tale called Rumbelle
Collars united for Equal Rights
Bering & Wells - I smell apples
Queen Dakota
Once Upon A Time - Sheriff loved Swan
Sexy Serial Killer
Gandy Girl
Ugly Love
Fallen in love with books
Legend Bowie
Hot Coffee & Kinky Book
Proud Dakoholic
Magic Matt
Team Dylan
Hell of a good Reader
It feels like an Arrow
Swan Queen Looks
DALLAS - Oil is thicker...
Tony is the Boss
Emma & Graham
Missing Mozzie
Are you ready to embrace the Darkness?
Lip Biter
Parrilla Power
Dallas feels like Home
Waiting for Ugly Love
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