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Moped Logo (2c)

Teenager Longsleeve by Fruit of the Loom

Moped Logo (2c)
Moped Logo (2c)
Moped Logo (2c)

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Moped Logo (2c)

Teenager Longsleeve by Fruit of the Loom

21,49 €
incl. VAT (EU), Plus delivery.
normal fit

 Teenager Longsleeve by Fruit of the Loom is in stock. We will print it as soon as you order it.

Delivery time: 3-6 working days
Casual-fit long-sleeve shirt for teenagers, 100% cotton. Brand: Fruit of the Loom

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Product Details

The casual fit and rugged fabrics make this long-sleeved shirt a perfect companion for school and leisure time. The high-mesh density renders the item play-proof and brings the best out of the print. Next to various shades of grey, a bright red and brash blue are also available.
  • Best-possible print results thanks to high mesh density
  • With ribbed cuffs on the sleeves
  • Uniform colour - also at waistband and seams
  • Durable quality: 165 g/m² (white: 160 g/m2)
  • Material: 100% cotton (heather grey: 97% cotton, 3% polyester)

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Moped Logo (2c)

Moped Logo (2c)

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