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Simson Star Moped

iPhone X/XS Rubber Case

Simson Star Moped
Simson Star Moped

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Simson Star Moped

iPhone X/XS Rubber Case

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Delivery time: 25/08/2020 - 11/09/2020 (Standard)
Snug fitting cover made of rubber for iPhone X/XS. Producer: BestSub.

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Product Details

Personalise your iPhone X/XS with elastic covers to create a new phone look in a jiffy. It keeps the phone safe from scratching, and it’s designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Suitable for iPhone X/XS
  • Consists of an elastic rubber casing with a plastic cover (in white) for you to print on. The cover can be put in the casing
  • Cutouts for cameras and connections
  • Toggles can be pressed through the rubber
  • Material: Rubber, plastic

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Simson Star Moped

Simson Star Moped

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