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Organic Longsleeve Baby Bodysuit

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Organic Longsleeve Baby Bodysuit

18,66 €
incl. VAT (EU), Plus delivery.
relaxed fit

 Organic Longsleeve Baby Bodysuit is in stock. We will print it as soon as you order it.

Delivery time: 3-6 working days
Longsleeve Baby Bodysuit, 100% cotton from organic production, brand: Spreadshirt

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Product Details

A cuddly companion to keep the little ones warm: Baby Bodysuit with long sleeves for cooler days in cheerful colours.
  • Folded shoulder seems that stretch when dressing the baby.
  • Snap fasteners make changing nappies easier
  • Rugged quality Consistency: 200g/m²
  • Fabrics 100% organic cotton

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