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Shout out to sidewalks [Premium Shirt]
Home is where the WiFi connects automatically
Hug Me
I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge
Diaper Loading. Please Wait.
I know Karate and some other Japanese words
In dog years I'm dead
Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have to extra lives.
Last clean T-shirt
I Flexed And the Sleeves Fell Off
Saw it. Wanted it. Threw a tantrum. Got it!
Bye Felicia
Here I Am - Now what are you other two wishes?
:(: Bipolar
Born Free Taxed To Death
Cat Hair is Lonely People Glitter
Show me your kitties
The Universe is made of protons, neutrons, electrons & morons
I want to Ki_ _ You
Don't worry it's not my blood
I'm not always rude and sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep.
The Last Tour Guide
Classy, Sassy & a bit Smart Assy
I used to be a time traveller...but that's all in the future now
He wants to sleep with me
She wants to sleep with me
Sleep. Eat. Poop. - Repeat -
Groceries & Shit
Mrs. always right
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