Hip-Hop style: PV = nRT / ideal gas equation (velvet print)
BASIC - Home Sweet Home (slick print)
Motor Enthusiast: Petrosexual (slick print)
KAPOW! - you've been SCIENCED! (velvet print)
Academia - Est. 387 B.C. (velvet print)
Thoroughly Unathletic - Since I was Born (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Mr. Know-It-All (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Ms. Know-It-All (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Know-It-All (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Smart Ass (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Weisenheimer (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Wisenheimer (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Klugscheißer (velvet print)
Geek Pride: Kloge Åge (velvet print)
I never make MISTEAKS (velvet print)
I never make misteaks (velvet print)
Yes, I generalize - it's the first axiom of science (velvet print)
Geek pride: That's DOCTOR Know-It-All to you..! (velvet print)
Geek pride: That's PROFESSOR Know-It-All to you..! (velvet print)
Don't Panic (slick print)
COLLEGE - the classic (slick print)
Say it in Russian: Niet! (velvet print)
OMG - GOSH means GOD? (slick print)
I am Fanatically against Fanaticism (velvet print)
Weapon of Mass Discussion (velvet print)
LÔL - Laugh out Loud in French (slick print)
Theory of Everything - T.B.A. (velvet print)
Theory of Everything - T.B.A. (velvet print)
Save Science: Say No to the Citation Game (slick print)
Experimentalist - try to keep up! (velvet print)
arXiv - phonetic (slick print)
ABC - atomic, biological and chemical (glow-in-the-dark smooth print)
Science Icons: Beaker (EDITABLE TEXT - velvet print)
Scientia est Potentia - Knowledge is Power (velvet print)
Scientia est Potentia - Knowledge is Power (velvet print)
Geology rocks! (Direct digital print)
Volcanology: Red Hot Magma (velvet print)
Global Warning - Global Warming (velvet print)
Geological Time (ICS): Quaternary 2.6-0 Ma (slick print)
Geological Time (ICS): Paleogene 66-23 Ma (slick print)
Geological Time (ICS): Jurassic 200-146 Ma (slick print)
Geological Time (ICS): Devonian 416-359 Ma (slick print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Phanerozoic (velvet print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Cenozoic (velvet print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Quaternary (velvet print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Holocene (velvet print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Pleistocene (velvet print)
Geological Time Scales (USGS): Neogene (velvet print)
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